Panettone is the Christmas cake born in Milan but inevitable on the festivities tables throughout Italy. In addition to its soft and rich dough, the particularity of the cake is its dome shape that makes it unmistakable. The origin of Panettone is from the region Lombardia and it seems that already existed in the '200 as a first bread, then in '600 in the form of a coarse bread made of wheat flour and grapes. In '800 the cake was a kind of enriched wheat flour bread with eggs, sugar, raisins (the presence of the latter ingredient had a propitiatory function as an omen of wealth and money).

We start from our history to make Panettone and Pandoro SweetItaly.

It is a story of confectionery art and patience that lasts less than 52 hours during which follow one another as many as 3 different risings. it starts from the preparation of the yeast, the beginning and the heart from which comes this great product. It all starts with 30 hours of continuous refreshments during which the first leavening of the dough takes place. This is left to rest long enough to develop the second rising, phase in which we add the ingredients that characterize the taste like raisins and candied fruit.

When the second rising reaches its peak the panettoni are put in the oven and left upside down for 14 hours to cool down naturally to maintain their characteristic shape of a dome and perfumes as is done always according to our tradition.

We prepare with this passion all our products, using the finest ingredients, carefully chosen to ensure maximum quality and goodness. Our recipes are handed down according to tradition for nearly 50 years. Our products are the way to delight the palate and make special every moment of the day.

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